Hola Montana

Hola Montana

Hola Montana is the link between our Montana pulse crop producers and the importers and consumers of lentils, chickpeas, and dried peas, in Latin America and the Caribbean, through the Montana Department of Agriculture.

PLEASE VISIT OUR WEBSITE AT https://www.holamontana.com/

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Arepas and Lentils

We design recipes from various countries and add a bit of lentil, chickpea, and dried pea magic. We post the recipes in our website, social media, and newsletter.


Chino Latino Slaw 

Here is a sample of one of our recipes, giving credit to our friend and talented photographer, Lynn Donaldson.


From our Fields to the Rest of the World

Hola Montana features the growers, producers, and their families, throughout our State, - from our  farms and fields, to plates around South and Central America.



Because of my Colombian roots, we started promoting our Montana pulse crops in Colombia. Today we are covering Peru, Panama, and Mexico.


The Manuels- Organic Lentil Growers

One of our jobs is to provide content to Hola Montana, through recipe design, interviews, and farm tours, like this photograph of the Manuels.