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Cowboy, the Tom Selleck of spices? What do you mean by that? My daughter Gaby wanted to know what I meant by the analogy. How would she know? She's 35 younger than me and never saw all those Western movies with Tom Selleck playing a cowboy. I remember well the red bandana hanging over his opened shirt while he sipped coffee from a tin mug. I could almost smell the coffee around his neck, so when I began designing THE MEN & WOMEN AT WORK, Rub and Seasonings Collection, I knew that I had to come up with one that reminded me of Tom's cowboy days.

The Men and Women at Work collection is inspired by the cowboys of the Americas. From the USA's West, to the Mexican and Colombian landscapes of the Vaqueros, to the Hawaiian Paniolo, and the Argentinean Gaucho, to the citrusy sensual Cowgirl-in-the-Sky, this is a one-of-a-kind quintet of flavor and spice.

We are selling our products through Root Cellar Foods or you can order online through us.

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