Dear friends,

As we try to navigate through these difficult times, we must maintain our good spirits, sense of humor, compassion, and sense of community. Even though we must distance ourselves socially, let's make sure that as families in our home, we gather at the table and break bread, play with our kids and pets, go on long walks, and attempt to learn a new skill.

We are also going back to how we started 30 years ago- FRESHLY FROZEN soups, tamales, and arepas, from our kitchen to your table.


We began our weekly orders and will continue to do so until further notice. We've had some glitches on the website, so please email your request to I will acknowledge and send you a Square or Pay Pal invoice for pre-payment. You can also send me a text message at 406-539-8648. I will get your credit card numbers and orders. You will receive your receipt online.

Before delivering to your home, we will call you and ensure there is someone home. We will leave the food at your doorstep text you once we leave your driveway.

Every Monday you will receive an email with the new items. You have until Thursday to order via phone or text message. If by text message, I will call you to get credit card information.

If you know of someone who needs freshly frozen made food, please follow them the email that I will send you. To receive an email from us, please send me a notice at 


If you have any questions, feel free to call or text at 406-539-8648, email at

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