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Photograph by Sonia Williamson

Meet Claudia

            I was born and raised in Barranquilla, a city bathed by the Caribbean Sea and the Magdalena River on Colombia's northern coast. When I turned 18, I moved to Miami, Florida to pursue a college degree. While majoring in Sociology and International Relations, I met my gringo Steve Krevat, and never returned home.


            In 1998, my small family and I moved to the Montana Rockies, distancing ourselves even further from the equator. To nourish and maintain my heritage and entity, I took to designing recipes and interior finishes that reminded me of my home country


            In my exuberant kitchen, two New American culinary movements come together: local food sourcing and fusion cuisine. Local food has always had global roots, and it is by no means impossible to recreate dishes from distant lands with homegrown ingredients.


         My cookbook, Global Pulse, Stories and Recipes using Beans, Chickpeas, and Lentils, is currently in the hands of a prominent literary agency in New York City. As we wait for a publishing company to take over our proposal, I continue designing and testing the 128 recipes.

         My recipes are a reflection of my background using this staple of peasant kitchens and deliciously highlighting the many ways this ubiquitous "people's food" has facilitated cross-cultural exchange. From lentil-masa tamalitos and Caribbean falafels to Paella Montana and Mardi Gras Pulse Jambalaya, I draw inspiration from the bounty of organic pulse crops available in my Montana foodshed as well as my diverse culinary background.



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Private Chef

We specialize in bringing you flavors from around the world to your table. From small parties to private chef services at your home, business, or event venues.

Cooking Class



Bozeman's first hands-on cooking classes specializing in cuisine from Latin America and the Caribbean, East and West Mediterranean, Italian, Spanish, & African. We will bring our kitchen to yours for a unique hands-on-experience or you can join us at La Cuisine's studio.



One World

One Table

We are all for community gatherings and cultural exchanges, whether it be through our monthly Lentil Table community dinners, cookbook and movie clubs, women's circles, and travels to Mexico and Colombia


The Lentil Table

An almost free Commual Dinner

Join us every month as we gather in out-of-the-ordinary venues in the area, serving a spread of pulse crop and ancient grain dishes grown in Montana. We feature a member of our community from the arts, non-profit, entrepreneurs, and community members, who enrich our community and our lives.

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Somos - One World

Creating community through cultural interaction







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